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Natantis. Solution.

(L-R) Dr Maiwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas, Kate

The Natantis Solution is CNAsafe.

CNAsafe allows a user to go from whole blood to desired end-product with minimal user intervention in a standardised and automated way.

The end-to-end process from blood to cfNA takes ~40 minutes

CNAsafe provides the following features:

  • Benchtop instrument controls extraction process

  • Software controls whole process from blood to eluate (concentration of nucleic acids) and waste product

  • Extraction occurs using fluidics

  • Cartridge extracts circulating nucleic acids from plasma

  • Cuts processing time by half, getting results to patients more quickly and leading to better outcomes

  • Intellectual property

  • Strong patent estate, with opportunity to expand and extent protection

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